Album Review-VESSELS, Dilate.

Vessels are a band from Leeds in West Yorkshire, forming in 2005. They’ve only made a total of three albums since starting out, which isn’t fair because that’s waiting like five years just to hear a bladdy album. I’d describe their music as electronic post-rock, with the key use of instrumentals creating a timbre texture of sound. These guys have played Glastonbury and have even tried to break into the American market with their music where they created their album White Fields and Open Devices in Minneapolis.

But I wanna talk to you lot about their NEW ALBUM- Dilate. This album has only just been released this month and I’m pretty happy about it. I’m even playing it as background music as we speak as my flatmate is chomping on Baklava and getting my bed crumby and correcting me on my spelling throughout this blog post.

I’ve already got a couple of faves from the album that I  want to bring to all your attention.

We start with….


 Source: Youtube

This song is my favourite of the whole album, and I really like its slow build up into what feels like its final denouement. Because it is repetitious (which you’ll find in alot of Post-Rock/Electronica), you have to be someone with a patient ear otherwise you’ll get bored.


 Source: Youtube

Vertical is super trance like and if you keep watching the video, you’ll probably loose your shit, so it’s better to not do that. But then again, maybe that’s the whole point with the title-to make you dilate. 

This band is not gonna be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you’re someone that enjoys a bit of scenic music that meets the up-tempo/sombre chill-out vibe, then this might be up your street.

If you’ve got time go and explore their previous albums or share some of your Post Rock tunes with me.






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