Get your Head in the Game with Head wear.

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Anyone that knows me will say that I'm pretty passionate about my head wear. It's like...the beans to my toast. The cheese to the nachos. The ...okay okay, you get the point. 

It all started with the emergence of the flower crown during one summer in festival season and it got deeper from there and, well, slightly out of hand. Turbans, bowler hats, fedoras, berets, head jewellery, hair accessories, you name it, I will be wearing it on my head like a confident Geisha. 

Because these things are pretty permanently attached to my head, I often get asked where I find my pieces. It's really important for me that it's not something you can buy anywhere else. You know when you buy something from say, Topshop, and then you end up walking down the street and someone else has got it on too? And then the next day it happens kinda puts you off wanting to wear it. 

The best place and I mean, the best place to find unique pieces is either in markets or  in my favourite hub,ASOS MARKETPLACE. A lot of designs from there are one-off's and are 
either hand made or from vintage collections or even sourced from Buyers across the worl to bring you something different.

One of my favourite head pieces I own is a Black satin beaded turban I bought from The Victoria and Albert museum. It's not exactly one of your most obvious choices to find something but it was during the fashion exhibition that I spotted it. It was sitting there in the art shop staring at me and as soon as I tried it on I knew I couldn't take it off. It's not one to be worn everyday and it's not exactly a, subtle piece, but it's one that I feel is really unique and should be worn to stand out.
Collectif No 5                                          V&A Shop

Another favourite of mine is my gold headdress with blue gems surrounding the centre piece. Again, this is definitely not a "blend in" piece and I came across it at my old favourite, ASOS, but it was love at first click. I like that it speaks for itself and allows me to keep the rest of my outfit dialled down and minimal. 

photo (18)                                           Asos

And finally, my netted veil Beanie. I'm not really a "beanie" wearer, but I saw this and had to grab it. I had seen something similar advertised in a designer collection and knew I could never afford it. But thanks to the high street and H&M for making designer replicas affordable for all. With this hat you can either pull the netting down over your whole face (great for bad days when you want to hide from the world and rain) or keep it slightly up (which is shown in the picture below. It comes in black, so although it may seem more contemporary and extreme in style, it's toned down with a neutral colour. 

photo (42)                                           H&M

A couple of other places I would suggest you guys check out is ROKKIT, URBAN OUTFITTERS, MONKI, JOHNNY LOVES ROSIE, BUTLER AND WILSON and some of my favourite Markets in London: Camden Lock Market, Brick lane and Spitalfields in Shoreditch as well as Portobello Road in Notting Hill. 

So get ya headwear on because mine is. 


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