Musical Overdose.

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"If music be the food of love, Play on", Said Duke Orsino in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night And he couldn't of been more bang on. Though, now the more i'm thinking about it, was he talking about food?...I digress.

Hands up, I'm an ABSOLOUTE geek when it comes to music and if I love a song I will play it over and over until it pisses my mates off from being on repeat when we're getting ready. When I like a song, I have this urge to know everything about the artist, and where the song was written so each lyric makes sense..(which is when my inner detective comes into play....see, I told you I was a geek.)

My favourite artist of all time is Jeff Buckley. Below is a little picture of Jeff with a hat, because as I've expressed, me and hats. Hats and Jeff. It makes sense. Again, I digress.

                            Jeff Buckley, Grace, 1994.

download                            Image Source: Fanpix 

I remember being fifteen and discovering him after hearing his cover version of "hallelujah" and falling in ABSOLUTE love.  Then consumed the next six hour ear affair of listening through his album and discovering his death which rocked me sideways. In fact, I actually think I sunk to the floor. At fifteen and being a recovering Emo, with CD'S of My Chemical romance, Smilex (a local band from where I grew up in Oxfordshire), All American rejects, Panic at the disco! And other endless rock tunes I could attempt to head bang while jumping on my bed too, I erased them all from my memory and listened to Buckley back to back. You could say his work inspired my love for acoustic music and his soft tempo got me into the discovery of post rock music (commonly derived from Iceland, including bands like Signur Ros. 

But my two current favourite Artists of the moment come from two totally different sounds from the band Wolf Alice and soloist Gwilym Gold.

                           Gwilym Gold, A Paradise, 2015.  

                              Image Source: The 405

I found Gwilym Gold's music on a lazy Youtubing Sunday and it immediately broke my "one song rule". Even his videos are conceptually arty and his music strives to make a purely visceral experience for the listener aurally. The best way I can describe his sound is like a calm, electronic Utopia. He's developed a system called "Bronze" where playing his music contains a type of metal relayed onto the Vinyl or CD, allowing the song to mutate, so that it'll never sound the same twice. It's totally ridiculous but he's one of the main reasons I'm going to be getting a Turntable soon. 
He's definitely a musical artist set to change and influence music in years to come and  it would be an absolute dream to go and watch him live. My favourite Music Video of his is called "Greener World" that you can check out below.
                              Source: Youtube  

                        Wolf Alice, My Love is Cool, 2015. 

                           Image Source: The Reviewal 

I now bring you, Wolf Alice. This band makes me feel abit like i'm reliving my teenage years again, only without the braces. Their album 'My Love is Cool' has a real folky rock vibe with techno inclusions. They started off as a twosome, and slowly evolved into a fourpiece band which reinforced a more stylised, electronic vibe. My favourite songs from the album include; "swallowtail", "Lisbon" and "Your Love's a Whore". 

And if none of them suit your fancy then just dance round the room to Britney. Because it's a Friday night and why not.


  1. Luke March 31, 2016 / 7:12 pm

    Check out Three Trapped Tigers new album…I think you’ll like it x

    • Kimevamay May 17, 2016 / 4:33 pm

      good shout!

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