Slogan Tees with ease.

photo (20)I LOVE SATURDAY.

( And I’m not just saying that because it’s Saturday,  I promise).

So you’re all probably wondering why the hell I’ve included a terrible freehand child drawing of a t-shirt with I Love Saturday on and I can’t really give you any other excuse but that the top I once cherished, that looked, well, better than that drawing is now long gone.

You see, Slogan Tees are a maaaaahuuuusiveeeee fashion trend this season and I thought I’d start by sharing my first ever one with you. It was baby pink with silver sequins attached to the front and I wore that crop top with so much pride every Saturday until I realised it was time to give it a rest. I wore this at a time when Jelly shoes made you cool and hair scrunchies gave you more street cred than a Pokemon card.

Fast forward ten years and they’re back and bigger than ever, not to mention illustrated, sequinned or customised badges to add to the slogan fuel. But just because it’s a slogan tee, should we get it because we wanna feel like we’re current? No. And i’m definitely not into spotting a t-shirt with “Mac and Cheese” when I’m allergic to dairy. That would make me a t-shirt hypocrite and I can’t be having that.

So I’ve sourced some websites where you can get your hands on some cool slogan tee’s and, I’ll share a couple of my own in the process.

We start with my favourite brand:

Fan Club has a current 70’s feel to their tees and their slogan choices are a bit more playful than some on the market. They’re probably one of the most popular brands at the moment and are so in demand that other stores are stocking their clothes, so if you cant get yours from the site, wander on off to ASOS MARKETPLACE  with a simple click and buy buy buy.


Olive and Frank represent a 90’s grunge feel and remain true to their market based roots.  Their tees are super current with the dialect of today, with captions like ” Pizza is my Bae”,  “Good Vibes only” and a favourite song lyric quote from the bae, Lana Del Ray.  (and yeah, i totally rhymed that sheet).  You can go one step further with them and bag yourself a jacket if you want to go full on slogan and rep that trend. 

O&F 'Lets Escape and Forget this Place' Tee                                                                                       Image source: Olive&Frank

If you’re into this trend but you want to keep it a bit more minimal in font and style, then this is the right brand for you. SRSLYsocial keeps it current and to the point, with their white tee and easy to wear slogans. They’re also a little cheaper than the above options and have options for men as well as women.

RESTING BITCH FACE SLOGAN T SHIRT                                                                                 Image source: Asos for SRSLYsocial


Soooooo what about my collections?

Today I wore my Stay Weird top that I purchased from Daisy Street  and teamed it with a black dungaree dress, french plaits and my moon/star choker.

photo (44)

Another tee of mine, is my “I love Bacon” red crop top from O-Mighty  which has a secret message inside…..

Oh alright, alright, i’ll share it.

photo (21)

Obviously, the message is enough to make me want to put it on.

But hey, Slogans are everywhere right now and on the highstreet you can find them currently stocked in Urban Outfitters, Topshop, so get get searching for yours.

P.s You kinda don’t have a choice because I’ve included all the links for you, so you don’t have to do anything but click.

Nachos and TV, 









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