All or Nothing.

photo (34)

Wearing Mac’s Blacktrack Fluidline and Neo-Orange Pigment. 

I’d hate to admit it, but my hand in that picture is pretty much how it looks day to day. It’s like wearing a semi-permanent tattoo that somehow transfers over all my clothes at the end of a long day. I wash them ALL the time and it still happens. In fact, this morning I woke to find some of my hair was red. I racked my brains to figure why and then it came to me….last nights neon red lipstick I smothered all over my chops. But you know what, when I do make-up I usually go ALL out…but what about those that feel a little intimated by huge draping and splatters of colour and want that “I’ve pretty much got nothing on but I’m deceiving you” look?


photo (35)

Products Above: Ciate Nail Art pearls , Eyeshadow Pans in Coppering and Freshwater, Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick, Gold Glitter with Glue Bottom, Imitable Intense Mascara. 

For those “Allers”, yep, my new coined name for you folks. I hand on heart hail you for your incredible ability to express whatever you want externally and to play, play, playyyyyyy with products, colour and textures. You, my friends,  are pretty much the creators of all the trends for testing these out first-hand and giving people afraid to try a little variety and support in their make-up journey.

If you’ve read my posts before, you’ll know I was scared to try new things and embrace being different but it takes courage and a little inspiration to learn to embrace it. I pretty much spent a hell load of my pocket money as a kid on every magazine each month and was totally obsessed with Molly Ringwald in Pretty and Pink and Costume Designer Patricia Field that i wanted to take on my scoop on fashion via makeup.

So if you’re like me and you’re up for trying pretty much anything, i give you a few new products i’m dying to try and i think you Allers might vibe off too….

I don’t really know where to begin with this brand. I’m just in deep, non apologetic love with them. Firstly, they’re cruelty and Vegan Free and the colour options are beyond what you’d find in the high street. These Perlees Lipsticks are perfect for the metallic trend and are so long wearing you could bend down and kiss the floor for Lime Crime bringing them out. My personal favourite shades from this selection are; Beetle, Penny and Roswell

Not long ago my Instagram feed was bulked up with images of this brands lipsticks and I thought it was a joke. Ever wanted a Jelly formulated lipstick with flower petals inside? Not only is it probably the most beautiful lipstick I’ve ever glimpsed my eyes on in a feed scroll, but they’re in such high demand right now, they’re all out of stock! So get ordering now if you want a lipstick that’s ALL out there.


I’m sorry, was that Rainbow, i repeat, Rainbow highlighter i just read? Yeah you did! Highlighters hit the web once the strobing trend was going stronger than me struggling to lift the lightest weight at the Gym, but now they are selling them for you Unicorn Lovahs out there. They are taking pre-orders with a waiting list now because everyone wants to grab there hands on them! So for the meantime, feed your highlight addiction with some of Anatastia Beverly Hills Moonchild Glow kits in Pastels and warm sun-dripped tones.



photo (36)

Products above: Filmstar Bronze & Glow, TenderTalk Balm, Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick, Dusty Rose Pallette x9, Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation.

I’ve always thought there is something deeply beautiful about that “non-makeup, makeup look”, that’s been worked on to face perfection. It’s a real science to find the right tones suitable to your skin and eye colouring and once you’ve nailed it, you can rock it so hard, people just think you’re born that way, regardless of Maybelline.

If you want, easy, ready to get out that door Makeup that makes you look like a more “i’ve had an amazing 9 hours of sleep in the tuscan sun” version of you, then i’ve got some gems for you guys…

If you’re someone struggling to find that “perfect” lip shade, Tender talk balm has got this problem solved to a T. The lipbalm is so moisturising and gives you a unique, personalised tint that subtly enhances your natural lip colour. I wear “Candy Wrapped” and every time I wear it, I am so amazed at the natural pink hues it really brings out of my own lip colour. Say bye, bye lip liner, and hello Tender Talk.

This palette is so perfect for playing around with neutrals that will suit ALL skin tones and eye colours. It’s such a universal palette that will see you right through the summer this season. It gives you a choice of shimmer and mattes with cool taupey greys and warm coopers that will lightly give you that enhancement you’re looking for.

This is just the perfect way of lightly adding a little enhancement on the lashes without going for a false lash look effect. Its pretty much a kit in one, where you’re provided with lash curlers, a Kohl pencil and the first launch of the CT Mascara range that will keep them looking real but a little thicker. This is great for a wiser woman, or someone that just wants to add on what they already have without looking over done. Her range also caters to those that do want a false or dolly lash look….so try out the fat lash first…and then work your way up to lash perfection.

So whether you’re an All or Nothing-(er), rock your look and swap it around from time to time. As someone once told me “it’s only make-up, it wipes off!”.

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Think like a girl, dress like a boy.

photo (40)

I mean, looking at me, I’m not exactly your poster girl for Androgyny. For the most part I love all things that might define one as being “Girly”……… though in a more “Festival way”-you know, the glitter, creative mish mash of outfits BUT with the avoidance of wearing pink, body-con dresses or any kind of exposing fabric that shows my boobs and butt to the public. I think I secretly always wanted to be that kind of “girly girl” and strut around with total confidence wearing that, but its just not me.

So what is “me”?

I weirdly feel more comfortable wearing Menswear. It started when I was young and my Dad was throwing out some of his old clothes. Now, my Dad, is pretty chic. He has collections of these amazing jackets and coats, hats, shoes with coloured laces, cuffs and scarves. Some are vintage, designer and random finds he has picked up throughout the years. He threw out his old blue velvet jacket a couple years back and if that was still around and I witnessed it, I would be wearing that thing like it was 1972 again.

But why Menswear

For me, the tailoring is something I appreciate the most. I like its relaxed fit and because I’m a fan of the 80’s, anything shoulder pad related or loose hemmed has my heart. Now, if you have a figure like me- which is, someone who is born with boobs and a butt and you don’t want to accentuate what God or Genetics have given you, then Menswear for me creates a subtle silhouette without bulking those boobs up, with a double breasted jacket. (Room for such a great pun there). It’s also a massive reason why Vintage clothes are my go too. You’ll notice the designs are actually catered around the female form so each item moulds around your figure.

One of my favourite items is a blazer that was tailor made  for my Pap’s in Paris during the early 70s. It’s a muted coffee colour blazer with a tweed design continuous throughout. It’s lined in soft beige and because it’s men’s, it does fall longer in length on my body (which I really like). It’s one of my go-to items when I want to throw something on and will still feel really put together with its clean lines. I also like to roll the sleeves and pull the collar up if I’m wearing it with a hat or want to look a little less neat.

A more recent favourite of mine is my Dad’s coat that I by chance stumbled across when I visited home. It’s a long lined Donna Karen tailored jacket in a soft beige with a slight mustard tinge to the fabric. At 5 ft 7  I’m not a midget, nor am I a giant but you can tell it’s designed for a tall chap as it was almost like a jacket-dress on me! That said, I actually quite like the fact I can just throw it on, do it up and feel like I’m all wrapped up and ready to wander the streets with my favourite accessory-COFFEE (but more on the C word later).  I took it out for a spin and even though it is pretty big, I lave it.

photo (45)

photo (23)

As I also touched up on  the subject of Vintage, one of my favourite places to find some cool items is Peakaboo Vintage.  I have quite a number of their stuff and again, one of my great loves is my 1980’s royal blue and emerald green checkered oversized wool coat. It also has a built in scarf if you want to go the full hog and get super snuggly for the winter, as well as giving you the option of wearing it undone which it how I’m wearing it below.

photo (25)

photo (24)

Sometimes it’s good to experiment with what works for you and to allow yourself to break the rules a little to figure out what it is you like and don’t like. Because remember, what suits someone won’t work on the other and that’s okay. So find out what does.

But seriously though, men have the best selection of Fedoras: Check it. 

















Slogan Tees with ease.

photo (20)I LOVE SATURDAY.

( And I’m not just saying that because it’s Saturday,  I promise).

So you’re all probably wondering why the hell I’ve included a terrible freehand child drawing of a t-shirt with I Love Saturday on and I can’t really give you any other excuse but that the top I once cherished, that looked, well, better than that drawing is now long gone.

You see, Slogan Tees are a maaaaahuuuusiveeeee fashion trend this season and I thought I’d start by sharing my first ever one with you. It was baby pink with silver sequins attached to the front and I wore that crop top with so much pride every Saturday until I realised it was time to give it a rest. I wore this at a time when Jelly shoes made you cool and hair scrunchies gave you more street cred than a Pokemon card.

Fast forward ten years and they’re back and bigger than ever, not to mention illustrated, sequinned or customised badges to add to the slogan fuel. But just because it’s a slogan tee, should we get it because we wanna feel like we’re current? No. And i’m definitely not into spotting a t-shirt with “Mac and Cheese” when I’m allergic to dairy. That would make me a t-shirt hypocrite and I can’t be having that.

So I’ve sourced some websites where you can get your hands on some cool slogan tee’s and, I’ll share a couple of my own in the process.

We start with my favourite brand:

Fan Club has a current 70’s feel to their tees and their slogan choices are a bit more playful than some on the market. They’re probably one of the most popular brands at the moment and are so in demand that other stores are stocking their clothes, so if you cant get yours from the site, wander on off to ASOS MARKETPLACE  with a simple click and buy buy buy.


Olive and Frank represent a 90’s grunge feel and remain true to their market based roots.  Their tees are super current with the dialect of today, with captions like ” Pizza is my Bae”,  “Good Vibes only” and a favourite song lyric quote from the bae, Lana Del Ray.  (and yeah, i totally rhymed that sheet).  You can go one step further with them and bag yourself a jacket if you want to go full on slogan and rep that trend. 

O&F 'Lets Escape and Forget this Place' Tee                                                                                       Image source: Olive&Frank

If you’re into this trend but you want to keep it a bit more minimal in font and style, then this is the right brand for you. SRSLYsocial keeps it current and to the point, with their white tee and easy to wear slogans. They’re also a little cheaper than the above options and have options for men as well as women.

RESTING BITCH FACE SLOGAN T SHIRT                                                                                 Image source: Asos for SRSLYsocial


Soooooo what about my collections?

Today I wore my Stay Weird top that I purchased from Daisy Street  and teamed it with a black dungaree dress, french plaits and my moon/star choker.

photo (44)

Another tee of mine, is my “I love Bacon” red crop top from O-Mighty  which has a secret message inside…..

Oh alright, alright, i’ll share it.

photo (21)

Obviously, the message is enough to make me want to put it on.

But hey, Slogans are everywhere right now and on the highstreet you can find them currently stocked in Urban Outfitters, Topshop, so get get searching for yours.

P.s You kinda don’t have a choice because I’ve included all the links for you, so you don’t have to do anything but click.

Nachos and TV, 









Key Make-up Trends for Summer 16′.

I know, i know, it's only March and I'm already talking about Summer, but hey, it's my favourite season! 

Whether you attended any of the Fashion weeks this year or not, you will begin to start seeing repetitive make-up trends that will be popping up in fashion stores, magazines or in make-up departments as we're approaching Summer. And this summer, it better be bladdy hot or else I'm eloping to Barbados.  

Anyway, I thought I would whittle down some key make-up trends you'll start noticing as festival season is fast approaching. And this year, its a goodun. 


Colour Pop is all about channelling a statement bright eye or lip, whether it be rocking a vibrant fuchsia matte liquid lipstick and teaming it with a bold canary yellow eye, it's all about injecting some 80's magic onto the face. 

                                 Image source: Brit+Co


Did I just say "imperfect"? Yes I did. You can all breathe a massive sigh of relief at the fact that the summer trends are all about representing the real. If you have freckles, don't hide or cover them up. In fact, this season people will be drawing them on! For this trend think of it as a back to school vibe, rocking those back-packs and hair plaits in tow. The warmer the weather, the more you will see people breaking away from their full coverage bottles of cover up and cracking open the tinted moisturisers and light weight foundations. Colour correctors are on it's way out, as were finally embracing our skin the way we should.                                   Image source: Allure

3. GLOSS. 

Gloss on eyelids, above cheekbones and lips, Summer 16' is all about the glowy sheen and wet look that leaves everyone pining for the beach. It's also the quickest, low maintenance way of multi-using a product in three different ways. With the Matte liquid lipsticks that everyone has been buying on repeat, you will see a new order of lipgloss throbbing it's way back onto the scene. 

                                   Image source: Vogue


When Cara Delevingne stepped into the spotlight and onto that catwalk everyone wanted her brows. In fact, people would do almost anything to get them, resorting to brow implants just to rectify the brow plucking they had mastered in the 70's/80's when it was deemed cool to have little to none. 
But this year, the bush brow doesn't need to be perfect. Throw away your brow pencils and get to grips with your new best mate the brow gel. To create the 'brow bush', simply brush your brows with the gel or comb in sweeping directions to emulate a fluffy full brow look. 

                                  Image source: The Times


You might not be girly and you may never have played with Barbies or think your related to a Unicorn but pink will be magically appearing into our wardrobes and on our faces. 
From pastels to bold tones, the shade pink will be festering around us like a growing giant blossom flower and we can't but help liking it. 

inspiration PINK EYES                                 Image source: TrendyMood


THANK GOD for this emerging trend and cheers Lady Gaga for repping the glitter    theme for the Super Bowl in America this year.
Glitter is causing a big scene this coming season and you'll see it scattered over the lids, used as a liner and a big favourite of mine, the glitter lips. Team this with the gloss trend and you're onto a festival winner.

                                   Image source: Elle


Wing liner has been 'winging' it's way onto people's eyes from the mid noughties and has been a firm favourite look for many. But this season it's not just about the standard "cat flick" anymore. You'll be seeing a lot of bold choices taking place with the liner this coming year, from feline cat eyes, geometric shaping, double wings, liner used above the crease to create a modern 60s twist, as well as liner dots, extended bottom lashes, hearts and animated stars (think Kat Von D/ Marina and the Diamonds). 

                                   Image source: Vogue 

But the most fun thing about these trends is that it allows you to EXPLORE and make a  bitof a creative mess with these looks. Anything goes. Literally. 

So go get creating and share your make-up looks with me for the summer either on here or my Instagram!