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Bladdy Ell, 2016 went like a thunder bolt and now we’re sizzling into 2017 with new beginnings, resolutions (if you believe in any of that stuff) and all new adventures this years about to throw at us.

I never do the resolution kind of thing, you know the “I won’t eat chocolate” because, I know I bliming well will. Or the “I won’t drink for the whole month of January because I’m a strong ass individual”, because lets be honest, I BLIMING WELL WILL.

Instead, I have my own way of doing resolutions. Let’s call it, more mental, experience style things. If that was even a “thing” to begin with. Yep, I’m one of those hippies that wanders my flat with incense and has Chakras, stones and shit and I’m pretty darn happy about it.

Last year, I made it my mission to say “YES” to more things. Instead of hiding away or putting things in the back-burner, I went for whatever I wanted straight away, did things I knew were out of my comfort zone and started doing before I started thinking. You see, to be honest, I’m a little bit of a natural worrier. I care deeply for things, if not, perhaps too deeply, and I learnt that sometimes you need to let it all go and give it to the hands of someone else. There’s so much we can all physically, emotionally and mentally do and although selflessness is a beautiful trait, it can also inhibit you from doing so much you truly want.

So, I started to go for more things and whilst people I knew complained that their 2016 had been shit, I looked back with only happiness and positivity. Of course, I’m human and I had a couple of down times, losing my Godmother but It also made me live my life to the full for her. So much can be said for the “outlook” you have, that gives so much to the experiences you make. Instead of treading on your tip-toes or sprinting your way to the finish line, try and take everything in, day by day and if you want to do something, DO IT.

There’s a quote that goes something like “your vibe attracts your tribe” and as cheeeeessssy as it may sound, I couldn’t agree more. Whatever you give off, you get given back and it’s actually pretty amazing what a simple smile, a shit joke or the ability to let yourself go can do for other people and likewise, for you.

So, although I conquered my 2016 plan, I have set myself another; To do things slowly. My mind flickers in all directions and I’m either racing to get something done once I have an idea or making a tea so fast I smash the cup. And although, I like the flicker, taking a step back and enjoying the ride is my new endeavour. I’m also gonna be learning a couple of new things ie: The Guitar I have which is such a lost cause and to start up an Exhibition of some of my work both written and Art related. Because there’s a great sense of freeness when you do what you want for you and you alone with no great accolade but personal achievement on the other side.

Enjoy the ride. You only get one.




○ ● ● Music On, World Off ● ● ○


Sorry for my few month hiatus! But hopefully you’ll be able to forgive me with my post on all things musiquaaaaah.

The past couple months have been so bloody busy for me BUT it’s given me a little time to source some new music and vibe out some tunes i didn’t know existed. Last week, i met one of the music producers from Made in Chelsea and we got chatting about all things makeup (obviously) and bands that have either faded out, up and coming and  in general, good, looked over hits that no one knows about. We shared some of our favourite songs with each other and being true to my word, i did go home and check those bands she recommended.

The best way to discover music is by stepping out of your comfort zone a little bit and be open minded to what’s out there. Hey, I even remember going to a blue-grass gig and inside i was like “no, no, noooo, this totally isn’t my thing”, but, with a couple beers in hand, my bessie mate and a sweaty musician giving it his all on the Pizzicato (a string instrument you basically slap), i was converted.

Soooo…ive compiled a little list of tracks i’ve been listening to at the moment to get you inspired.

Campdogzz-The Well


Source: Soundcloud

This song is only included on Soundcloud but you can check out their other stuff on Youtube. They’re a really low key band from Chicago, with melodic, somber elements that lift with its sixty style singers and instrumentalists.


The Lumineers-Angela

Source: Youtube

Between us, i never really listened to this band much and i didn’t think it was “my thing”, but i came across this one-off song and it really stuck. It’s got this folky/magical vibe to it which i think is really sweet and might of just made me like them more..


Source: Youtube

This song’s from Rhye’s Album called “Woman” and it mixes rhythm and blues with electronica. They sound abit like an American Version of “Disclosure” but i like the soulful, whimsicalness of this little tune.

 Keaton Henson- You

Youtube: Source

Henson’s music is a mix of Folk and Rock but in general, he’s such an interesting Artist dabbling with written poetry verse and producing visual graphic novels.

Betsy-Lost and Found


Youtube: Youtube

Alright, so she’s a little bit of my guilty pleasure but wait. Doesn’t she sound like CHER?! I’m pretty envious of the styling in this video and makes a play on Marilyn Monroe’s Glamour with her poppy/techno beats.

Seafret-Give me Something


Source: Youtube

These guys are a musical duo from Yorkshire, and although i haven’t really listened to much of their other music, i think this song is just a simple alternative/indie tune to get you into the stuff they produce.

If you’ve got any other recommendations, comment and share below!

Happy Listening  x








Rose Bud Moment.

thumbnail_photo (1)

Little Rose Bud. That was one of my nicknames growing up. I can’t really tell you why, but i’d sign off any letters i wrote under that name like it was my destined alias. Weren’t i cool? Then, after my invisible pen pal days were over, i decided to think about its literal meaning of growth and how many might be discouraged by it’s thorns, rather than the bloom inside.

And hey, not everyone is gonna want a bunch of roses, are they? Some might be a sunflowers kinda gal or daffodil kinda guy or they might hate every living plant, butttttttttt each to their own. We’ve all got our acquired tastes don’t we?

It’s only now reaching that big (for me), not so big (for others) age of twenty five, that I’ve found my own place of calm and really concentrated on what i think, rather than being blurred or undeterred of others thoughts..so i’ll tell you a secret.

At School i was bloody terrible at everything. Real hideous. I failed pretty much everything and spent more time drawing pattern ink on my hands pretending i was a tattoo artist and throwing paper aeroplanes around the room, than i was listening in a classroom or watching a historical video about Egyptians. My teachers thought I’d fail and i thought i’d grow up being this old lady with no real life success but with a strong entourage of cats around me. But what they didn’t know, is that i had my own ideas for the future and watching that Egyptian video was not a part of it. But the cats probably were.

I grabbed every opportunity by the hands, said yes to everything, (especially alcohol) and worked hard for what i wanted. I made decisions based on instinct, went out of my way to do things outside the box and allowed my passion to navigate me to where i needed to be. In essence, i learnt to risk take. That to me, became my true rosebud moment. The moment i realised that it takes time to take everything in, digest and experience things in life before you can set off on your adventure alone till the bud is just a symbol of the past.

Obviously, i have a long way to go and my mind pretty much never switches off into thinking about my next project or idea, but rather than be more like something else, be more like whoever the hell it is that you are. As you can tell, i’m a massive advocate of self courage and i am all in for those that stick their middle finger up to tradition and do something a little different regardless of what everyone else might think. Even if people might think this post is lame, well then, great, you have an opinion. Good for you- vocalise it, chat about it, make use of that dam thing that connects your brain to your vocal chords and let people know your voice exists. But please, please, please, don’t go hiding or allow others to decide what you’re gonna be or who you are. Because we’re all on this little journey together, getting it right, getting it wrong but your willingness to search, learn and find your own rose bud moment will be enough and will take you to exactly where you need to be.

So cheers for that nickname. I kinda like it.



-Photo’s by TS Photography.






Tis the Season for…Festival.

photo (54)

Summer is here! Well kinda. This is England after all…

But regardless of its philandering sunshine, summer can only mean one thing…FESTIVAL SEASON and I. Am. BUZZING about it.

When it comes to my personal style, a lot of people have described my dress sense as “Festival” (although I went on Urban Dictionary and it described it as an “unwashed Hippy”…so I think I’ll ignore that one).

Since the summer is my favourite season, minus the fact I become a year older, i figured it would be abit rude to not include some of my favourite looks and ideas to help get you through the tent, beer filled, music blazing treats heading your way with a tinker of a click.

So let us begin.


53b15160a01eb(Image source: Vatra Magazine)

No, I’m not telling you guys to dress up like Cats (although it wouldn’t be such a bad thing, would it?). Catsuits are the easiest way to install a little bit of festival into your wardrobes with little to no effort. If you’re gonna rock the Catsuit, be daring with it and don’t be shy to experiment with print.

My GO-TO for this kinda trend, is a brand called Jaded London that have a selection of weird and wonderful mix mashes of pattern to choose from. Team it with a Bum-Bag and some Doc Martins and you’re on your way…




photo (55)

^^^My little number is from a Brand called Reclaimed Vintage!^^^

Kimonos/ Boleros are a great way of subtly mixing up textures and installing some of the key trends without going the full hog if you’re not confident with rocking it head to toe.

The only real difference between the two, is that a Kimono is usually longer in length, perfect for teaming with swimwear and can even double-up as a dress if you wrap it around and synch it in with a chunky belt. Boleros are good little adds ons if you want to put some sparkle onto a simple dress or style with some straight legged cigarette trousers and a simple tee for a tom-boy vibe.

A list of my favourites at the moment:

ASOS Striped Embellished Kimono 

ASOS Festival Kimono with star embellishment

ASOS Pretty iridescent embellished Cape

Boohoo Mia Flute Sleeve wrap over Maxi Kimono



photo (28)

Dip-Dye Glasses modelled by my moody face (because I was waiting for Breakfast) from Last Years Topshop. 

Sunglasses are the easiest way of jazzing up that face in minutes, especially if you’re hanging out your arse after a few “too many” the night before or shall I say, morning.

A lot of the time people become too stressed out with the shape and whether the frame will suit your face. I get it if you’re not into the John Lennon small circular retro shades or embellished gemstone rims and you’re more keen on the purpose of the sunglasses to fulfil there function….but its summer, so who cares? Be abit more daring and pick something you usually wouldn’t. I promise you’ll be surprised what you find…

Some brands that have got the shade game right this season is….



AND If you’re interested in one-off’s, then head to the markets for bargains you can grab for cheap and play around with, without caring if you sit on them in your drunken state that we know you’ll be in.


photo (56)

Head Scarf compliments of the Nana circa the 1950s.

Boy am I glad to write about this. Anyone that knows me, knows that I’m super into and pretty over-passionate about my headpieces. It’s a bad obsession that’s slowly got out of hand and I could probably start selling them in a little pop up shop somewhere…but more on that later…

There’s so many different styles of Headwear to choose from, so I thought I’d whittle down the different choices:

-Flower Crowns

-Feather Crowns

-Embellished head pieces

-Pom Pom headbands

-Hats: Trilby’s, baker-boy hats, Caps, Fedoras, Bowler hats.

-Clip in jewels/coloured hair/tinsel

-90’s Scrunches

– Gem stick-ons.


-Bandanas/Silk Scarves

Yeah, I know that was probably a bit over-whelming but my favourite go-to is ASOS MARKETPLACE where you’ll find loads of unique pieces made by the seller themselves. You can also find lots of cool pieces in Vintage shops such as; Beyond Retro and Rokit.




Image Source: AliExpress

Maybe it was Lily Allen who started it all those years ago, but Trainers have made it’s way back into our “Shoedrobe” (real proud of my pun) and they’re being worn as style pieces to go with dresses, boyfriend jeans and some include the Platform which is my personal preference of shoe. The cool thing about this trend, is that there is sooooo much more choice and expression with the design.

Some of my favourites are;

Keds Tina Trainers, where Topshop teamed up with Fashion Stylist and Writer Tina Leung to create these pastel, scallop sequin tie dye Champion style sneaks.

Admittedly I own three pairs of the Adidas Supercolour collection in Khaki, blue and yellow, but the new Pastel shades are just launching and I’m pretty happy about it. My favourite colours are the Bliss Coral, Blush Green and Solid Red.

My final current Trainer lust (if you can call them Trainers, because they’re more like platforms….) is Stella McCartney’s Lace up platform shoes that are To. Die. For. They’re also insanely priced and will be remaining on my “cry and buy” birthday list.

Although I’ve picked the Bronze version for myself, they do come in silver and gold or if you want to stay away from the sheen, check out the matte sand and black pair.

So that’s it Folks. I’ve shared some of my Festival Faves, so feel free to share some of yours.

K x