Graphic Liner Trend Summer 16′.

Graphic Liner all started with the emergence of the infamous, “wing”. Everyone wanted a feline flick and would invest and go through hundreds of different eye-liner shaped tips until they found the right one. In fact, people would dedicate half an hour or more just to get the wing liner as precise and even on each side as possible.

But as time’s gone by people want different things, and as Art imitates Life, Life imitates Art, Art imitates Fashion… yarda yarda yarda, Graphic Liner has hit us by storm this season. Since the mastered flick can now take people less than five minutes before jumping out that door and off to work, I wanted to test to see how wearable and easy the Graphic Liner Trend really was.

As a Makeup Artist myself, I like to experiment and do my make-up everyday and am used to getting on that tube at 8am in the morning for work with a Gothic Ombre Lip, Face gems and fake lashes for dress up theme days that involve me looking like a 1920’s Flapper to an 80’s rock child the next… and I absolutely love it and do it in my daily life to compliment my clothes. BUT if you’re new to make-up it may take a lot of time and practice before you feel confident to walk out the door in a look you’re not as used to doing everyday. Make-up should be empowering and we should use it to enhance who we are, our features, style AND personality which is why I was super excited to test out this bold look.

Theoretically, Makeup is very much science. You use certain shades and textures to enhance or distract and the different shapes you create such as light and shading will impact your overall look. So with that in mind, I already knew the Graphic Liner I was going to stylise would go against that colour and shape theory. For one, Black Liquid Liner and shadow would be brushed up right into the corner of my eyes with a harsh, straight point which would enclose and make my eyes look smaller as well as it cutting off the crease of my eye. Because of this, the rest of my face shape would look harsh and I would lose the natural contours of my face.

That said, I really loved the deep contrast of the pure black liner and blunt lines without any shadow blend which emphasised my eye colour.


The first look I experimented with was a straight lined eye-liner with a thick extended wing. To create a bit more interest, I dusted brass gold speckles of glitter onto my temples and in the middle of my socket.

photo (26)

photo (47)

photo (48)



The second look was a curved black liner, that pointed out at the bottom and continued the deep curved that followed my crease.

photo (49)

photo (27)


For both looks I would recommend doing your eye make up first and using a angle brush, thin liner brush or flat lip brush. The best brushes for me are from Mac Zoeva, Charles Fox (which is based in Covent Garden, London) OR your local Paint Shop (I promise, they do some of the best selection of thin tipped liners EVER).

These aren’t exactly everyday looks but I can see why it  be great to wear during Fashion Week or if you’re going to a rock party or gig and want to stand out…So now I dare you. And if all else fails, just Wing it.


Skin Talk

photo (25)

Yup, that’s me bare faced letting my skin breathe during the summer sun and boy, it felt good and pretty bladdy exposing at the same time.

Our skin is the largest organ in our bodies, an organ that we might spend years getting to understand, discovering how it adapts and changes to climates and with age.

Skincare isn’t exactly the most fun thing to buy for, well it’s not for me because I want to be buying colourful things filled with pigmented lipsticks and glitter shadows. But investing in the RIGHT skincare for YOUR skin will make a greater impact when it comes to buying those colourful things you want to put on top of it.

Working within the Make-up Industry I’ve met a lot of people that either use the wrong skincare for their skin, don’t use anything at all or don’t know where to start.

So lets begin with the fundamentals when your uncovering what you need to treat your skin and it all begins with your Skin Type.


The top layer of your skin is called the Epidermis, and this is the part that absorbs and takes in benefits of whatever you decide to put on it. Everyone’s requirements are going to be totally different based on skin sensitivity, texture and pigmentation. Usually the skin is going to be equated into different sections:


People with dehydrated skin are often mislead to believe it’s dry. The characteristics may be dry for short breaks of time but overall your skin is close to normal. Dry skin will feel rougher in texture and can be a result of environmental factors, genetics or the medication you may be using.


The key thing to note with oily skin is shine production and enlarged pores. You may also find your foundation slides off more easily throughout the day than those who have dry or normal skin. Oily skin is also a trigger of blemishes and can be a sign of hormonal imbalance which will occur in teens and women during menopause.


Sensitivity of the Epidermis can result in redness or patches that itch or burn after use of a product. I would advise to avoid heavily perfumed products as this will only irritate the skin even more. It’s also good to check the ingredients first and discover if you have any repeated allergies to a specific product you’re using.


A huge percentage of the population has combination skin and you may find yourself having similar symptoms of all skin types listed. Typically combination may leave your skin with an Oily T Zone (I.E shine on the Forehead, nose and chin) and you may be dry around the cheeks, although it will differ for everyone.


If you have normal skin, your skin will be neither too oily or dry and you won’t suffer from any major reactions to any skin products you use. Your texture will remain relatively smooth although you may still have pigmentation in areas due to blemishes or ageing.

So what skincare products do you use once you’ve assessed your skin type?

If you are a lover of thick, creamy moisturisers but you have oily skin then you’re not using a product that’s right for your skins needs. You need to be using products that counteract it, so you’ll need to swap that moisturiser for a thin, light one or even a serum if you’re a wiser woman.

I started taking care of my skin at a young age but for a long time I didn’t know what I should or shouldn’t be using based on my skin type. As I’ve gotten older, my skin has changed and it’s needs are different to when I was a teen. So, with that, I decided to compile a list of products I’ve tried and tested throughout the years that I would recommend to those that have differing skin types to inspire the search of your own! The best advice I would give is to get SAMPLES from the Brands and products you’re interested in and try, try, try.






You’ll notice some brands I have repeated and that’s because they’re honestly my skins beauty saviours that I couldn’t find an equivalent of that works as good.

So, go ahead and share some of your favourites with me or even ones you’ve felt didn’t work the way you wanted and why. Cause once you’ve investigated you can experiment…and that my friends, is pretty fun.













A Bite of The Big Apple.

photo (17) - Copy

If, a year ago, someone had told me I was going to live in New York for a couple months I wouldn’t have believed them. For one, I’d never travelled on my own, was afraid of Aeroplanes and well, had never really considered New York to be somewhere I’d enjoy. But, fast-forward the summer and there I was; a suitcase (NOTE A. ONE, YES ONE, which is pretty amazing considering I’m a clothes, shoe, bag, accessory, make-up addict). There I was in my sandals, waiting for my best mate outside her flat in the suburbs of Astoria, Queens. I wasn’t prepared for my venture and me and the sun were banging heads against my Porcelain skin.

BUT, I went. I did it. I conquered my fears and I met the most amazing people that soon became what I now consider as my close friends. I took a giant risk, went with my heart and had the best trip in my whole life. I’m even planning on getting on another plane ON MY OWN again, which may not seem like a big deal for lots of people, but it was a massive accomplishment for me.

photo (52) - Copy

So what did I do when I was out there and what did I see? Well, I’ve decided to share some personal moments and pictures with you lot and take you on my little New York Journey.

What a perfect little welcome, ey?

Meat Packing District, Manhattan.

When I was researching places to visit in NY, I kept reading about this joint. At first I thought the literal. MEAT. Tons and tons of meat. To then realise it’s actually a pretty hip place but super expensive.

In the day I did that tourist thing. You know, The High line. It’s basically an old Freight rail line that sits above the streets of Manhattan where you get to walk along some of the popular land minds, including a beautiful view of the Hudson River.

photo (45) - Copy

Look, its the infamous kiss! 

photo (47) - Copy

During the night I popped over to this amazing roof top bar nearby known as Le Bain which sits above a Hotel. It was the most INCREDIBLE place, where there’s a Jacuzzi inside, disco balls EVERYWHERE and tequila shots that resemble half a pint. (I wish I was exaggerating. My mate got so drunk, but it’s okay, I saved her with a 4am pizza stop off).

photo (48) - Copy

photo (49) - Copy

The Hamptons, Montauk.

I know, I know….The Hamptons. I don’t know why but I thought if i’m going to New York, I wanna see what all the craic with the Hamptons is about. So my mate and I rented a ZipCar at the crack of dawn, and had a little road trip singing Skatman and Shania Twain loudly to the passers by. The weather was shit hot and I wasn’t prepared for the aftermath of what was….a massive leg burn that would stay on my leg for pretty much all of eternity (Yep it’s still sort of there if you wanna know).

photo (15) - Copy

If you’re a bird I’m a bird. Right?

photo (16) - Copy

Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Williamsburg was probably one of the best places I went too. It’s pretty up and coming and if you’re influenced and enjoy the Music/Arts scene you’ll probably wanna hang around here. I spent some of my July 4th here and had the best time exploring, finding little gems and painting my face off. Me and a couple of friends also went to Five Leaves which is a top restaurant set up by Heath Ledger and I’d really recommended checking it out because the food is beyond amazing.

photo (18) - Copy

I even got given a free beer mug! 

photo (19) - Copy

photo (19)

Central Park, Upper Manhattan.

I’m not really a “Touristy” kinda person and I prefer to adventure into the unknown to find out what I like. BUT that said, I had the best time in Central Park and decided the best way to explore it hard core was to hire a bike, have ice lolly stop-offs and get ourselves on a boat. Because its SO BIG you can get so lost but there are people that work all around the park and are utterly lovely. This old retired Dentist gave my mate and I a little tour of Strawberry Hill, a Memoriam for John Lennon, The Friends infamous fountain, a popular wedding destination and loads more. If you’re a sceptic like me about tourist attractions, pleaseeeee go and visit. I promise you’ll have the greatest time.

photo (20)

photo (21)

Popular Wedding Venue.

photo (23) - Copy

Shepherds Meadow.

Now, I can’t show you everything because if I did, it would consume my whole blog. These are only a few recommendations of places you should check out, and I’ll add some of my favourite drinking, entertainment and coffee spots with you all in a separate post during my time there.

But can you imagine…..If I let fear or what if get in my way, would any of this happened?

Test yourselves, it’s amazing what you might find and the places you may go.

photo (25) - Copy


















Album Review-VESSELS, Dilate.

Vessels are a band from Leeds in West Yorkshire, forming in 2005. They’ve only made a total of three albums since starting out, which isn’t fair because that’s waiting like five years just to hear a bladdy album. I’d describe their music as electronic post-rock, with the key use of instrumentals creating a timbre texture of sound. These guys have played Glastonbury and have even tried to break into the American market with their music where they created their album White Fields and Open Devices in Minneapolis.

But I wanna talk to you lot about their NEW ALBUM- Dilate. This album has only just been released this month and I’m pretty happy about it. I’m even playing it as background music as we speak as my flatmate is chomping on Baklava and getting my bed crumby and correcting me on my spelling throughout this blog post.

I’ve already got a couple of faves from the album that I  want to bring to all your attention.

We start with….


 Source: Youtube

This song is my favourite of the whole album, and I really like its slow build up into what feels like its final denouement. Because it is repetitious (which you’ll find in alot of Post-Rock/Electronica), you have to be someone with a patient ear otherwise you’ll get bored.


 Source: Youtube

Vertical is super trance like and if you keep watching the video, you’ll probably loose your shit, so it’s better to not do that. But then again, maybe that’s the whole point with the title-to make you dilate. 

This band is not gonna be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you’re someone that enjoys a bit of scenic music that meets the up-tempo/sombre chill-out vibe, then this might be up your street.

If you’ve got time go and explore their previous albums or share some of your Post Rock tunes with me.






Think like a girl, dress like a boy.

photo (40)

I mean, looking at me, I’m not exactly your poster girl for Androgyny. For the most part I love all things that might define one as being “Girly”……… though in a more “Festival way”-you know, the glitter, creative mish mash of outfits BUT with the avoidance of wearing pink, body-con dresses or any kind of exposing fabric that shows my boobs and butt to the public. I think I secretly always wanted to be that kind of “girly girl” and strut around with total confidence wearing that, but its just not me.

So what is “me”?

I weirdly feel more comfortable wearing Menswear. It started when I was young and my Dad was throwing out some of his old clothes. Now, my Dad, is pretty chic. He has collections of these amazing jackets and coats, hats, shoes with coloured laces, cuffs and scarves. Some are vintage, designer and random finds he has picked up throughout the years. He threw out his old blue velvet jacket a couple years back and if that was still around and I witnessed it, I would be wearing that thing like it was 1972 again.

But why Menswear

For me, the tailoring is something I appreciate the most. I like its relaxed fit and because I’m a fan of the 80’s, anything shoulder pad related or loose hemmed has my heart. Now, if you have a figure like me- which is, someone who is born with boobs and a butt and you don’t want to accentuate what God or Genetics have given you, then Menswear for me creates a subtle silhouette without bulking those boobs up, with a double breasted jacket. (Room for such a great pun there). It’s also a massive reason why Vintage clothes are my go too. You’ll notice the designs are actually catered around the female form so each item moulds around your figure.

One of my favourite items is a blazer that was tailor made  for my Pap’s in Paris during the early 70s. It’s a muted coffee colour blazer with a tweed design continuous throughout. It’s lined in soft beige and because it’s men’s, it does fall longer in length on my body (which I really like). It’s one of my go-to items when I want to throw something on and will still feel really put together with its clean lines. I also like to roll the sleeves and pull the collar up if I’m wearing it with a hat or want to look a little less neat.

A more recent favourite of mine is my Dad’s coat that I by chance stumbled across when I visited home. It’s a long lined Donna Karen tailored jacket in a soft beige with a slight mustard tinge to the fabric. At 5 ft 7  I’m not a midget, nor am I a giant but you can tell it’s designed for a tall chap as it was almost like a jacket-dress on me! That said, I actually quite like the fact I can just throw it on, do it up and feel like I’m all wrapped up and ready to wander the streets with my favourite accessory-COFFEE (but more on the C word later).  I took it out for a spin and even though it is pretty big, I lave it.

photo (45)

photo (23)

As I also touched up on  the subject of Vintage, one of my favourite places to find some cool items is Peakaboo Vintage.  I have quite a number of their stuff and again, one of my great loves is my 1980’s royal blue and emerald green checkered oversized wool coat. It also has a built in scarf if you want to go the full hog and get super snuggly for the winter, as well as giving you the option of wearing it undone which it how I’m wearing it below.

photo (25)

photo (24)

Sometimes it’s good to experiment with what works for you and to allow yourself to break the rules a little to figure out what it is you like and don’t like. Because remember, what suits someone won’t work on the other and that’s okay. So find out what does.

But seriously though, men have the best selection of Fedoras: Check it.